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12 December 2021

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With Christmas being such a busy time of year, not to mention all the processed foods, alcohol and sugary snacks we consume at this time. We can often end up feeling exhausted and burnt out. Which then impacts on our health. Check out our tips below on avoiding Christmas burnout and having a healthy and happy Christmas.

1. Create your own inner silence.


Ever over-reacted to a petty annoyance due to a build up of other things? Spending just 10 minutes a day to pamper yourself or just being on your own doing nothing is also very important. It will reduce those familiar festive frictions and ensure you are reducing those residual stress levels built up over the year. Give ratio breathing a try, it a great tool to use anytime of the year – breath in for 5 seconds (through the nose), hold for 5 seconds and then breath out for 7 (through the mouth). It’s amazing and from experience, very useful during Christmas lunch preparation – just 10 breaths.

2. The MOST of the time rule.

We love Christmas and all of the food traditions it involves. However, what tends to happen is that we use this 1 DAY as an excuse for the next few weeks and then have a bit of a boom/bust cycle going on by the time January comes. The key to combating this is to maintain a balance. Aim to eat real food MOST of the time, around 70% of the time (or as close to it as you can get) – food made from plants, not in plants! Your energy, skin health and overall well-being will thank you for it.

3. Get Moving

Our lymphatic systems are like little bin men that collect the rubbish in our bodies. Over Christmas it’s important that our lymphatic systems are able to work at their optimum. This has a compelling parallel to how we may look and feel after Christmas. So in order to activate these internal bin men we have to move and not just to and from the fridge. It doesn’t have to be a high impact gym class (although that is great if you make it), just get out in nature, go for a long walk, turn the music up and dance – anything you enjoy!

4. Offline is the new luxury!

Oh and it’s free. Christmas is not about presents, it’s about being PRESENT. Being in the moment with your families, friends and loved ones. Don’t spend your Christmas with a ‘tech neck’ scouring other people’s posts on Facebook (apparently it makes us depressed anyhow), binge watching series on Netflix, or surfing the sales buying stuff you don’t need – use this time to really connect with people and make your own precious memories. Can you turn off the technology for a week, a day, even an hour?

5. Give your digestion time off!

This might not sound too likely at Christmas but we are unaware about the cost of digestion on our bodies and energy levels. We can only regenerate and repair damage when we are in a fasted state, i.e not eating or sat with a full stomach. This is even more necessary at Christmas as processed foods, alcohol and sugary snacks surround us, these guys are the worst offenders for cell damage. Can you fast over Christmas? Ok, we haven’t lost our minds – just 12 hours try 7pm to 7am or for some more likely 10pm -10am. Your body will thank you for it by giving you a massive boost in energy levels.

6. Random acts of kindness.

You have to try this, it’s infectious! This isn’t about buying more, instead this is about giving up your time, a smile, a hug, a hand and maybe just a conversation. The key to happiness is deep appreciation of what we have and the world around us. Think of that feeling when someone touches our heart! Can you think of a specific event? How did you feel? It’s magic isn’t it! If we could only bottle that up and give it out on prescription to everyone, most ills would be cured overnight. Guess what we have that gift to give every day – get going!

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