Vegan Protein Blend
Cacao / Chocolate

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  • No Added Sugar
  • 26g Protein
  • No Nasties

It does crazy things to you, this cacao. Dark, rich and totally addictive. The kind of thing you could sink into a bath of and come out happy, sloshed and sticky. Our big powdered chocolate hit comes with essential minerals iron, zinc and magnesium. And that heroic vitamin B12, of course. Your entire daily dose in every serving.

We’re thinking a plant powered brownie par excellence, or the world’s best choccy shake. Mixed up, protein-packed and crazy.

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• Vegan

• No Artificial Ingredients

• Sugar free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free

• Non GMO

• Low in Fat and Carbs

• High in Iron, Magnesium and Zinc

• Contains All Essential Amino Acids

• Recommended Daily Dose of Vit B12 per serving

• Multi Source Protein for optimal muscle repair and recovery


Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein, Rice protein, Pea Protein, Natural flavourings with stevia, Vitamin B12.


35g of powder blended into 300ml of water or milk makes for a lovely shake. Adding to porridge, yoghurt, smoothies and baking in recipes also works a treat. Beyond that, it’s up to you.


Nutritional AnalysisPer 100gPer 35g serving
Energy1477KJ / 353Kcal517KJ / 124Kcal
of which saturates1.6g0.5g
of which sugars1.9g0.6g
Vit B127.1Mcg (284% NRV)2.5Mcg (100% NRV)
Iron27mg (193% NRV)9.5mg (68% NRV)
Zinc8.7mg (87% NRV)3.0mg (30%)
Magnesium121mg (32% NRV)42mg (11% NRV)

Let the people speak

  1. Dan P – (Via Amazon)

    Vegan, great taste, effective muscle relief and nutritionally guilt free!

    I’ve spent a while trying a number of plant based protein powders and have finally found the one for me!

    The chocolate flavour is my favourite, I mix it with a banana, water and a scoop of peanut butter and its DELICIOUS. I first tried it with water and obviously when it’s plain you do get a bit of the protein taste but that’s the same with every powder I think! You hardly need to use any unlike other powders which makes it last a lot longer too.

    In terms of workout benefits, I’ve found this to be one of the best for preventing muscle pain especially if I’ve been lifting weights!

    My gym buddy isn’t vegan and usually drinks milk protein powders but this has converted him!

  2. Adeline Chong – (Via Amazon)

    Best taste of the vegan powders I’ve tried, and really low in carbs.

    I searched for ages and tried lots of vegan powders. This is by far my fav. Smooth and tasty. I buy the choc flavour. Not as grainy as some other vegan powders.

    Extra points for being really low in carbs compared to other powders.

    I like this so much I take it on holiday with me as I can never find something as close to it.

  3. Mike – (Via Amazon)

    Incredibly good ??????

    First of all I am a bit sceptical about vegan protein products as my past experiences with them they were awful. ??.Despite all of that I thought I will give them another chance.

    Best choice ever great taste even if mixed with water.

  4. Pen Name – (Via Amazon)

    Excellent product, ethically pleasing and most importantly delicious.

    As far as plant based protein powders go – this company does the best natural flavours (trust me I have tried several). Whether you’re mixing it into your porridge, stirring it into coconut yoghurt, boosting your baking or fluffing up your vegan pancakes this protein powder packs a great punch of naturally boosting protein with taste that leave you wanting more ???????? I will be buying Roots&Shoots from now on. Treat yourself – Welcome to the new age of plant protein powders that are enjoyable!

  5. Monni – (Via Amazon)

    Great chocolate flavour!

    I really did some research before ordering this protein powder. I orered other brands previously and it is so hard to find a vegan protein powder which doesn’t have a horrible muddy taste. I read a few reviews about Roots’n Shoots and was very happy with this vegan protein powder. When you open the package a nice chocolaty smell comes out, not like a fake chemical chocolate smell which I experienced with other brands. The texture is very soft and not crumbly. I used it for baking and in my porridge and it’s a great chocolate flavour!

  6. Lucy Powell

    Good for my health and great tasting too.

    As I’m peri-menopausal I’m aware of the importance of increased protein in my diet & this is an easy, delicious way to top it up. Cacao & berry flavours are my favourite. Thanks for a great product!

  7. John Machin ‘MegaVegan’


    As a lifelong vegan who began working-out in 1969 (aged 13), I think I must have tried just about every vegan protein shake on the market by now. At least, I’ve tried enough to realize the only flavour I’ll buy is chocolate.
    There are other criteria, such as low-sugar, low-fat and a blend of protein sources. It also has to come from a plant-based brand, mix easily in a hand-held shaker, and be competitively priced.
    So, when I came across the new Roots ‘n Shoots range, I was eager to give it a go … until I noticed there’s no chocolate flavour. What?!
    Roots ‘n Shoots pointed out that there’s a ‘Crazy Good Cacao’ flavour.
    But that’s not grammatical. And it doesn’t taste the same, does it.
    It tastes the same, I was told.
    No, it doesn’t, I said.
    Yes, it does …
    After some time spent discussing the difference, if any, between chocolate and cacao, I agreed to try a sample. (Incidentally, if a new brand doesn’t offer samples, beware: it means they’ve little confidence in their product. Roots ‘n Shoots offer cheap, decent-sized samples of all their flavours.)
    The sample arrived within a couple of days (bonus points); I’ve just tried it; and I’m furious!
    – Because I was wrong: Roots ‘n Shoots ‘Crazy Good Cacao’ protein powder is something special.
    I made it with 200ml of water (tip – use warm water; it brings out the taste). With just a little light shaking, it mixes into a thick, rich, filling and delicious dark-chocolaty drink – undeniably, one of the best I’ve tasted.
    And, with just 1.1% sugar, 2.3% fat and 67.4% protein from FOUR protein sources (blends like this are always better) and added B12, Roots ‘n Shoots ‘Vegan Protein’ is a healthy and effective addition to any slimming, toning or muscle-building diet, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, whatever.
    … Sometimes, you know, it’s wonderful to be proved wrong.

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