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15 August 2018

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Plant proteins contain amino acids which promote healthy skin, hair, bones, fingernails, and muscles. They are low in saturated fat and don’t contain growth hormones and antibiotics, unlike animal proteins.

Plant-based foods are alkalizing, which is a stress-buster, and may help fight inflammation and protect your bones. Plant proteins are also rich in antioxidants. They aid in relieving muscle pains especially after a workout


Vegan protein powders consisting of multiple plant-based proteins are considered the most effective at building and maintaining muscle, because of their diversity in essential amino acids.That’s why we’ve added 4 premium plant proteins, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Rice and Pea to our roots ‘n shoots protein powder.


Here’s a breakdown of the proteins we’ve added to our powder and why:



Pumpkin Protein


We love Pumpkin protein and just had to add some to our powder. Pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in magnesium, so they help strengthen bones, teeth, and even your heart. They also contain a famous compound called tryptophan. This improves sleep and relaxes your body.  Most importantly, they’re full of amino acids for your cells, iron for your blood, and fiber to keep you feeling full all day long. Enough said.


Sunflower Protein

Sunflower protein not only promotes Cardiovascular Health, healthy Cholesterol levels and supports a Healthy Mood, it’s also great for Thyroid Health too.


Rice Protein


Along with protein rice protein provides essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, fiber and carbohydrates. Other benefits include muscle repair, improves liver function, assists weight management and regulates cholesterol.





Pea Protein

The final protein we put in our powder is Pea Protein. Peas are especially beneficial for people who exercise or perform physical activities. They are rich in amino acids, which your body needs to repair your cells. Peas are also high in lysine, which is used for stronger, firmer skin. It’s all good!

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