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3 October 2019

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Pecan pie is high on our list of Autumn favourites and this humdinger of a pie created for us by gingervegan didn’t disappoint. Made with our salted caramel protein it’s a slice (or two) of pecan caramel heaven!






340g plain flour


155g vegan butter block


70g coconut sugar


5 tbsp water






350g silken tofu


200g + 50g pecan nuts plus extra for decorating


150g dates


150ml maple syrup


40g roots ‘n shoots Salted Caramel Protein


2 tbsp ground flax seed


1 tsp cinnamon


1 tsp vanilla bean paste





Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.


Stir in the sugar and then the water, mixing to a soft dough.


Chill for 20 minutes and then roll out on a floured work surface to about 5mm thick and use to line a greased tart tin 23cm in diameter.


Prick the base a few times, take a sheet of baking paper and lay it in the case and then fill with baking beans.


Bake blind for 20 minutes at 180C.
Remove from the oven, take out the baking beans and leave to cool while you make the filling.





Put all the ingredients in a food processor (reserving 50g pecan nuts) and whizz until it is quite smooth.


Crumble the remaining pecan nuts with your hands and stir into the mixture.


Spoon the mixture into the pastry case and level the top.


Decorate with whole pecan nuts and then bake at 180C for 30 minutes or until golden.


Leave to cool before serving.

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