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2 June 2020

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With the weather being so hot lately it’s definitely time for icecream. Last year our Salted Caramel ice cream went down a storm. So this year with thought we’d give our Berry flavour a look in. @gingervegan took the task in hand and as usual completely nailed it. Not only does this Berry ice cream taste like heaven, it’s vegan and sugar free too. Does it get better than that?





400g strawberries


200g cashew nuts


100g sweetened condensed coconut milk


35g ‘Blatantly Good Berry’ Protein powder


1 lime, juiced



Soak the cashew nuts for 3-4 hours in cold water or soak for 30 minutes in boiling water.
Drain the cashew nuts and put in a high speed blender or food processor with the strawberries, condensed milk, protein powder and lime juice and blend until smooth.
If you have an ice cream maker then pour the mixture in and let it do the work, before transferring to the freezer.
If you don’t have one then put the mixture into a good sized freeze proof container in the freezer.

After 30 minutes take it out and give it a good stir with a wooden spoon. This breaks up the ice crystals so keeps them small and gives the ice cream a smooth texture.


Continue beating every 30 minutes until you can’t stir it any more. Then it’s ready to serve!

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